umoci-list(1)(#) - umoci-list(1)(#)
Aleksa Sarai DECEMBER 2016

umoci list - List tags in an OCI layout

umoci list --layout=layout

umoci ls --layout=layout

Gets the list of tags defined in an OCI layout, with one tag name per line. The output order is not defined.

The OCI image layout to get the list of tags from. layout must be a path to
a valid OCI layout.

The following lists the set of tags in a layout copied from a docker(1) registry using skopeo(1).

% skopeo copy docker://opensuse/amd64:42.1 oci:ocidir:42.1
% skopeo copy docker://opensuse/amd64:42.2 oci:ocidir:42.2
% skopeo copy docker://opensuse/amd64:latest oci:ocidir:latest
% umoci ls --layout ocidir

umoci(1), umoci-stat(1)

umoci list