Connmark retriever action in tc(8) Linux Connmark retriever action in tc(8)

connmark - netfilter connmark retriever action

tc ... action connmark [ zone u16_zone_index ] [ CONTROL ] [ index u32_index ]

CONTROL := { reclassify | pipe | drop | continue | ok }

The connmark action is used to restore the connection's mark value into the packet's fwmark.

Specify the conntrack zone when doing conntrack lookups for packets. u16_zone_index is a 16bit unsigned decimal value.
How to continue after executing this action.
Restarts classification by jumping back to the first filter attached to this action's parent.
Continue with the next action, this is the default.
Packet will be dropped without running further actions.
Continue classification with next filter in line.
Return to calling qdisc for packet processing. This ends the classification process.
Specify an index for this action in order to being able to identify it in later commands. u32_index is a 32bit unsigned decimal value.


11 Jan 2016 iproute2