SSS_RPCIDMAPD(5) File Formats and Conventions SSS_RPCIDMAPD(5)

sss_rpcidmapd - sss plugin configuration directives for rpc.idmapd

rpc.idmapd configuration file is usually found at /etc/idmapd.conf. See idmapd.conf(5) for more information.

In section “[Translation]”, modify/set “Method” attribute to contain sss.

In order to change the default of one of the configuration attributes of the sss plugin listed below you will need to create a config section for it, named “[sss]”.

Configuration attributes

memcache (bool)

Indicates whether or not to use memcache optimisation technique.

Default: True

The sss plugin requires the NSS Responder to be enabled in sssd.

The attribute “use_fully_qualified_names” must be enabled on all domains (NFSv4 clients expect a fully qualified name to be sent on the wire).

The following example shows a minimal idmapd.conf which makes use of the sss plugin.
Verbosity = 2
# domain must be synced between NFSv4 server and clients
# Solaris/Illumos/AIX use "localdomain" as default!
Domain = default
Nobody-User = nfsnobody
Nobody-Group = nfsnobody
Method = sss

sssd(8), idmapd.conf(5)

Noam Meltzer
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Developer (2013-2014)

Noam Meltzer <>

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02/20/2021 sss rpc.idmapd plugin