SHADOWSOCKS(1) General Commands Manual SHADOWSOCKS(1)

shadowsocks - Fast tunnel proxy that helps you bypass firewalls

ssserver [options]
sslocal [options]

shadowsocks is a tunnel proxy helps you bypass firewall. ssserver is the server part, and sslocal is the local part.

Show this help message and exit.
Server address, default:
Server port, default: 8388.
Encryption method, default: aes-256-cfb.
Timeout in seconds, default: 300.
Path to config file.
Use TCP_FASTOPEN, requires Linux 3.7+.
Number of workers, available on Unix/Linux.
Verbose mode.
Quiet mode, only show warnings/errors.

The programs are documented fully by Shell Xu <> and Clowwindy <>

August 23, 2014