sq-wkd-generate - Generates a Web Key Directory for the given domain and keys. If the WKD exists, the new keys will be inserted and it is updated and existing ones will be updated.

sq wkd generate [FLAGS] <WEB-ROOT> <FQDN> [CERT-RING]

Prints help information
Uses the direct method [default: advanced method]

Writes the WKD to WEB-ROOT. Transfer this directory to the webserver.
Generates a WKD for FQDN
Adds certificates from CERT-RING to the WKD

For the full documentation see https://docs.sequoia-pgp.org/sq/.

sq(1), sq-armor(1), sq-autocrypt(1), sq-certify(1), sq-dearmor(1), sq-decrypt(1), sq-encrypt(1), sq-inspect(1), sq-key(1), sq-keyring(1), sq-keyserver(1), sq-packet(1), sq-sign(1), sq-verify(1), sq-wkd(1), sq-wkd-generate(1), sq-wkd-get(1), sq-wkd-url(1)

Azul <azul@sequoia-pgp.org>
Igor Matuszewski <igor@sequoia-pgp.org>
Justus Winter <justus@sequoia-pgp.org>
Kai Michaelis <kai@sequoia-pgp.org>
Neal H. Walfield <neal@sequoia-pgp.org>
Nora Widdecke <nora@sequoia-pgp.org>
Wiktor Kwapisiewicz <wiktor@sequoia-pgp.org>
MARCH 2021 0.24.0 (SEQUOIA-OPENPGP 1.0.0)