SDDM(1) sddm SDDM(1)

sddm - the simple desktop display manager

sddm [OPTIONS...]

sddm is a display and login manager based on Qt technologies.

Using QtQuick and QML, designers are given the ability to easily create pleasant, modern looking interfaces for sddm.

sddm runs the greeter as a system user named sddm whose home directory needs to be set to /var/lib/sddm.

If pam and systemd are available, the greeter will go through logind, which will give it access to drm devices.

Distributions without pam and systemd will need to put the sddm user into the video group, otherwise errors regarding GL and drm devices might be experienced.

Start daemon in test mode.
Print the complete current configuration to stdout
Show help message and exit.

System configuration directory
Local configuration directory
Local configuration file for compatibility
Where sddm looks for themes


The full documentation for sddm is available at

May 2014 sddm 0.19.0