sd_event_source_get_event - Retrieve the event loop of an event source

#include <systemd/sd-event.h>

sd_event* sd_event_source_get_event(sd_event_source *source);

sd_event_source_get_event() may be used to retrieve the event loop object the event source object specified as source is associated with. The event loop object is specified when creating an event source object with calls such as sd_event_add_io(3) or sd_event_add_time(3).

On success, sd_event_source_get_event() returns the associated event loop object. On failure, it returns NULL.

Functions described here are available as a shared library, which can be compiled against and linked to with the libsystemd pkg-config(1) file.

The code described here uses getenv(3), which is declared to be not multi-thread-safe. This means that the code calling the functions described here must not call setenv(3) from a parallel thread. It is recommended to only do calls to setenv() from an early phase of the program when no other threads have been started.

sd_event_source_get_event() was added in version 229.

sd-event(3), sd_event_add_io(3), sd_event_add_time(3), sd_event_add_signal(3), sd_event_add_child(3), sd_event_add_inotify(3), sd_event_add_defer(3), sd_event_source_set_userdata(3)

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