rebuilderd-worker(1) General Commands Manual rebuilderd-worker(1)

rebuilderd-worker - Run rebuilds for rebuilderd

rebuilderd-worker [-n name] [-c /etc/rebuilderd-worker.conf] <cmd>

The rebuilderd-worker binary receives work from rebuilderd(1), executes the correct rebuilder script and reports the results back. You can also ask it to rebuild a specific package without reporting the results for debugging.

The -n <name> flag works for both connect and build and automatically switches into the work directory at /var/lib/rebuilderd-worker/<name>.

rebuilderd-worker connect [endpoint]

Connect to a given rebuilder and ask for work. If you endpoint is specified one is loaded from /etc/rebuilderd-worker.conf, see rebuilderd-worker.conf(5).

rebuilderd-worker build <distro> <url>

This is a small wrapper around the rebuilder scripts that are used by rebuilderd-worker.

rebuilderd(1), rebuilderd-worker.conf(5), repro(8).

rebuilderd was originally written by kpcyrd and is hosted at