READPROC(3) Linux Programmer's Manual READPROC(3)

readproc, freeproc - read information from next /proc/## entry

#include <proc/readproc.h>

proc_t* readproc(PROCTAB *PT, proc_t *return_buf);
void freeproc(proc_t *p);

readproc reads the information for the next process matching the criteria specified in PT and fills them into a proc_t structure. If return_buf is not NULL, it will use the struct pointed at by return_buf. Otherwise it will allocate a new proc_t structure and return a pointer to it. Note that (if so specified in PT) readproc always allocates memory if it fills in the environ or cmdline parts of proc_t.

freeproc frees all memory allocated for the proc_t struct *p.

The proc_t structure is defined in <proc/readproc.h>, please look there for a definition of all fields.

readproc returns a pointer to the next proc_t or NULL if there are no more processes left.

openproc(3), readproctab(3), /usr/include/proc/readproc.h, /proc/#pid/,

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