rdma-dev - RDMA device configuration

rdma [ OPTIONS ] dev { COMMAND | help }

OPTIONS := { -V[ersion] | -d[etails] }

rdma dev show [ DEV ]

rdma dev set [ DEV ] name NEWNAME

rdma dev set [ DEV ] netns NSNAME

rdma dev set [ DEV ] adaptive-moderation [on/off]

rdma dev help

DEV - specifies the RDMA device to show. If this argument is omitted all devices are listed.

rdma dev

Shows the state of all RDMA devices on the system.

rdma dev show mlx5_3

Shows the state of specified RDMA device.

rdma dev set mlx5_3 name rdma_0

Renames the mlx5_3 device to rdma_0.

rdma dev set mlx5_3 netns foo

Changes the network namespace of RDMA device to foo where foo is previously created using iproute2 ip command.

rdma dev set mlx5_3 adaptive-moderation [on/off]

Sets the state of adaptive interrupt moderation for the RDMA device.
This is a global setting for the RDMA device but the value is printed for each CQ individually because the state is constant from CQ allocation.

ip(8), rdma(8), rdma-link(8), rdma-resource(8), rdma-system(8), rdma-statistic(8),

Leon Romanovsky <leonro@mellanox.com>

06 Jul 2017 iproute2