rc_buildreq(3) Radius client library rc_buildreq(3)

rc_buildreq -

#include <radcli/radcli.h>

void rc_buildreq(
    rc_handle const  *rh,
    SEND_DATA        *data,
    int               code,
    char             *server,
    unsigned short    port,
    char             *secret,
    int               timeout,
    int               retries

Build a skeleton RADIUS request using information from the config file

a handle to parsed configuration.
a pointer to a SEND_DATA structure.
one of standard RADIUS codes (e.g., PW_ACCESS_REQUEST).
the name of the server.
the server's port number.
the secret used by the server.
the timeout in seconds of a message.
the number of retries.

struct send_data {
  uint8_t      code;          // RADIUS packet code. 
  uint8_t      seq_nbr;       // Packet sequence number. 
  char        *server;        // Name/addrress of RADIUS server. 
  int          svc_port;      // RADIUS protocol destination port. 
  char        *secret;        // Shared secret of RADIUS server. 
  int          timeout;       // Session timeout in seconds. 
  int          retries;
  VALUE_PAIR  *send_pairs;    // More a/v pairs to send. 
  VALUE_PAIR  *receive_pairs; // Where to place received a/v pairs. 

radcli.h(3), rc_aaa(3), rc_aaa_ctx(3), rc_aaa_ctx_free(3), rc_aaa_ctx_get_secret(3), rc_aaa_ctx_get_vector(3), rc_aaa_ctx_server(3), rc_acct(3), rc_acct_proxy(3), rc_add_config(3), rc_apply_config(3), rc_auth(3), rc_auth_proxy(3), rc_avpair_add(3), rc_avpair_assign(3), rc_avpair_copy(3), rc_avpair_free(3), rc_avpair_gen(3), rc_avpair_get(3), rc_avpair_get_attr(3), rc_avpair_get_in6(3), rc_avpair_get_raw(3), rc_avpair_get_uint32(3), rc_avpair_insert(3), rc_avpair_log(3), rc_avpair_new(3), rc_avpair_next(3), rc_avpair_parse(3), rc_avpair_remove(3), rc_avpair_tostr(3), rc_buildreq(3), rc_check(3), rc_check_tls(3), rc_conf_int(3), rc_conf_srv(3), rc_conf_str(3), rc_config_free(3), rc_config_init(3), rc_destroy(3), rc_dict_findattr(3), rc_dict_findval(3), rc_dict_findvend(3), rc_dict_free(3), rc_dict_getattr(3), rc_dict_getval(3), rc_dict_getvend(3), rc_find_server_addr(3), rc_get_socket_type(3), rc_get_srcaddr(3), rc_getport(3), rc_mksid(3), rc_new(3), rc_openlog(3), rc_own_hostname(3), rc_read_config(3), rc_read_dictionary(3), rc_read_dictionary_from_buffer(3), rc_send_server(3), rc_setdebug(3), rc_test_config(3), rc_tls_fd(3)
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