rc_avpair_remove(3) Radius client library rc_avpair_remove(3)

rc_avpair_remove -

#include <radcli/radcli.h>

void rc_avpair_remove(
    VALUE_PAIR  **list,
    int           attrid,
    int           vendorpec

Removes an attribute-value pair from the given list

See rc_avpair_assign() for the format of the data.

a VALUE_PAIR array of values
The attribute of the pair to remove (e.g., PW_USER_NAME).
The vendor ID in case of a vendor specific value - 0 otherwise.

this structure directly. Use the rc_avpair_get_ functions.
struct rc_value_pair {
  char                   name;      // attribute name if known. 
  unsigned               attribute; // attribute numeric value of type rc_attr_id. 
  rc_attr_type           type;      // attribute type. 
  uint32_t               lvalue;    // attribute value if type is PW_TYPE_INTEGER, PW_TYPE_DATE or PW_TYPE_IPADDR. 
  char                   strvalue;  // contains attribute value in other cases. 
  struct rc_value_pair  *next;
  char                   pad;       // unused pad 

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