QB_RB_OPEN(3) libqb Programmer's Manual QB_RB_OPEN(3)

qb_rb_open - Create the ring buffer with the given type.

#include <qb/qbrb.h>

qb_ringbuffer_t * qb_rb_open(
    const char   *name,
    size_t        size,
    uint32_t      flags,
    size_t        shared_user_data_size

name the unique name of this ringbuffer.

size the requested size.

flags or'ed flags

shared_user_data_size size for a shared data area.

This creates allocates a ring buffer in shared memory.

a new ring buffer or NULL if there was a problem.

the actual size will be rounded up to the next page size.

qb_rb_close(3), qb_rb_refcount_get(3), qb_rb_chmod(3), qb_rb_chown(3), qb_rb_write_to_file(3), qb_rb_create_from_file(3), qb_rb_chunks_used(3), qb_rb_chunk_reclaim(3), qb_rb_space_used(3), qb_rb_chunk_write(3), qb_rb_shared_user_data_get(3), qb_rb_chunk_commit(3), qb_rb_chunk_peek(3), qb_rb_space_free(3), qb_rb_name_get(3), qb_rb_chunk_alloc(3), qb_rb_chunk_read(3)

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