Ppmtopict User Manual(0) Ppmtopict User Manual(0)

ppmtopict - convert a PPM image to a Macintosh PICT file



This program is part of Netpbm(1)

ppmtopict reads a PPM image as input and produces a Macintosh PICT file as output.

The generated file is only the data fork of a picture. You will need a program such as mcvert to generate a Macbinary or a BinHex file that contains the necessary information to identify the file as a PICT file to MacOS.

Even though PICT can have 2 and 4 bits per pixel, ppmtopict always generates an 8 bits per pixel file.

The picture size field is correct only if the output is to a file since writing into this field requires seeking backwards on a file. However the PICT documentation seems to suggest that this field is not critical anyway since it is only the lower 16 bits of the picture size.

picttoppm(1) , ppm(5) , mcvert

Copyright (C) 1990 by Ken Yap <ken@cs.rocester.edu>.

15 April 1990 netpbm documentation