pmFreeEventResult, pmFreeHighResEventResult - release storage allocated for unpacked event records

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

void pmFreeEventResult(pmResult **rset);
void pmFreeHighResEventResult(pmHighResResult **hrset);

cc ... -lpcp

When processing event records, if pmUnpackEventRecords(3) is used to unpack event records from a metric within a pmResult structure with a value of type PM_TYPE_EVENT then the structure returned from pmUnpackEventRecords(3) is a NULL pointer terminated array of pointers to pmResult structures, one for each event record.

pmFreeEventResult is a convenience method that frees all of the pmResult structures and the array of pointers (rset).

Similarly, pmFreeHighResEventResult may be used to free the pmHighResResult structures and array returned from the pmUnpackHighResEventRecords routine when using PM_TYPE_HIGHRES_EVENT metrics.

PMAPI(3) and pmUnpackEventRecords(3).

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