pmEventFlagsStr, pmEventFlagsStr_r - convert an event record flags value into a string

#include <pcp/pmapi.h>

const char *pmEventFlagsStr(int flags);
char *pmEventFlagsStr_r(int flags, char *buf, int buflen);

cc ... -lpcp

For use in error and diagnostic messages, pmEventFlagsStr returns a `human readable' version of the value flags, assuming this to be the er_flags field of a pmEventRecord or pmHighResEventRecord. The pmEventFlagsStr_r function does the same, but stores the result in a user-supplied buffer buf of length buflen, which should have room for at least 64 bytes.

The string value result from pmEventFlagsStr is held in a single static buffer, so the returned value is only valid until the next call to pmEventFlagsStr.

pmEventFlagsStr returns a pointer to a static buffer and hence is not thread-safe. Multi-threaded applications should use pmEventFlagsStr_r instead.

PMAPI(3) and pmdaEventAddRecord(3).

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