PKTSETUP(8) System Manager's Manual PKTSETUP(8)

pktsetup - set up and tear down packet device associations

pktsetup packet_device block_device
pktsetup -d packet_device
pktsetup -s

Pktsetup is used to associate packet devices with CD or DVD block devices, so that the packet device can then be mounted and potentially used as a read/write filesystem. This requires kernel support for the packet device, and the UDF filesystem.

See: HOWTO.udf (in the udftools documents directory)

Pktsetup returns 0 on success, nonzero on failure.

Delete the association between the specified packet-device and its block device.
Show the current device mapping, one device per line, in the format
name : pktdevid -> blkdevid
(e.g. "0 : 253:0 -> 22:0")

The following commands provide an example of using the packet device.

cdrwtool -d /dev/sr0 -q
pktsetup 0 /dev/sr0
mount -t udf /dev/pktcdvd0 /mnt

... umount /dev/pktcdvd0 pktsetup -d 0

/dev/pktcdvd0,/dev/pktcdvd1,...  CD/DVD packet devices

Jens Axboe <>
Some additions by Richard Atterer <>

pktsetup is part of the udftools package and is available from


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