pkgctl-version - Check and manage package versions against upstream

pkgctl version [OPTIONS] [SUBCOMMAND]

Commands related to package versions, including checks for outdated packages.

Uses nvchecker(1) and a .nvchecker.toml file located alongside the PKGBUILD.

The .nvchecker.toml file must contain a section that matches the package’s pkgbase. The pkgbase section within the .nvchecker.toml file specifies the source and method for checking the latest version of the corresponding package.

Use pkgctl-version-setup(1) to automatically detect and setup a basic nvchecker config based on the source array of the package PKGBUILD.

For detailed information on the various configuration options available for the .nvchecker.toml file, refer to the configuration files section in nvchecker(1). This documentation provides insights into the possible options that can be utilized to customize the version checking process.

To supply GitHub or GitLab tokens to nvchecker, a keyfile.toml should be placed in the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nvchecker` directory. This keyfile is used for providing the necessary authentication tokens required for accessing the GitHub or GitLab API.

-h, --help

Show a help text

pkgctl version check

Compares local package versions against upstream

pkgctl version setup

Automatically detect and setup a basic nvchecker config

pkgctl version upgrade

Adjust the PKGBUILD to match the latest upstream version

pkgctl-version-check(1) pkgctl-version-setup(1) pkgctl-version-upgrade(1)

Please report bugs and feature requests in the issue tracker. Please do your best to provide a reproducible test case for bugs.