pkgctl-repo-clone - Clone a package repository

pkgctl repo clone [OPTIONS] [PKGNAME...]

Clone Git packaging repositories from the canonical namespace.

The configure command is subsequently invoked to synchronize the distro specs and makepkg.conf settings. The unprivileged option can be used for cloning packaging repositories without SSH access using read-only HTTPS.

-m, --maintainer NAME

Clone all packages of the named maintainer

--protocol https

Clone the repository over https


Clone all existing packages, useful for cache warming

--switch VERSION

Switch to a specified version. The working tree and the index are updated to match the version.

-j, --jobs N

Run up to N jobs in parallel. By default the number of jobs is equal to the number of available processing units. For sequential processing this option needs to be passed with 1.

-h, --help

Show a help text

pkgctl-repo-configure(1) pkgctl-repo-switch(1)

Please report bugs and feature requests in the issue tracker. Please do your best to provide a reproducible test case for bugs.