pkgctl-diff - Compare package files using different modes.

pkgctl diff [OPTIONS] [MODES] [FILE|PKGNAME...]

Searches for a locally built package corresponding to the PKGBUILD, and downloads the last version of that package from the Pacman repositories. It then compares the package archives using different modes while using simple tar content list by default.

When given one package, use it to diff against the locally built one. When given two packages, diff both packages against each other.

In either case, a package name will be converted to a filename from the cache or pool, and pkgctl diff will proceed as though this filename was initially specified.

-M, --makepkg-config

Set an alternate makepkg configuration file

-P, --pool=DIR

Search diff target in pool dir (default '/srv/ftp/pool')

-v, --verbose

Provide more detailed/unfiltered output

-h, --help

Show a help text


Color output; WHEN is 'never', 'always', or 'auto'; Plain --color means --color=auto

-u, -U, --unified

Output 3 lines of unified context

-y, --side-by-side

Output in two columns

-W, --width[=NUM]

Output at most NUM (default 'auto') print columns; NUM can be 'auto', 'columns' or a number. 'auto' will be resolved to the maximum line length of both files, guaranteeing the diff to be uncut.

-l, --list

Activate tar content list diff mode (default)

-d, --diffoscope

Activate diffoscope diff mode

-p, --pkginfo

Activate .PKGINFO diff mode

-b, --buildinfo

Activate .BUILDINFO diff mode

Please report bugs and feature requests in the issue tracker. Please do your best to provide a reproducible test case for bugs.