pkgctl-build - Build packages inside a clean chroot

pkgctl build [OPTIONS] [PATH...]


--arch ARCH

Specify architectures to build for (disables auto-detection)

--repo REPO

Specify target repository for new packages not in any official repo. Fallback to 'extra' when building packages that are not present in any official repository yet. Using this option is disallowed if the package is already released, as it would circumvent the auto-detection safeguard.

-s, --staging

Build against the staging counterpart of the auto-detected repo

-t, --testing

Build against the testing counterpart of the auto-detected repo

-o, --offload

Build on a remote server and transfer artifacts afterwards

-c, --clean

Recreate the chroot before building

--inspect WHEN

Spawn an interactive shell to inspect the chroot after building. Useful to ease the debugging of a package build.
Possible values for WHEN are 'never', 'always' or 'failure'

-w, --worker SLOT

Name of the worker slot, useful for concurrent builds. By default the slot is automatically assigned to the current tty pts number. In case the caller is not a tty, choose a random slot between 1 and number of available processing units.


Do not run the check() function in the PKGBUILD

-I, --install-to-chroot FILE

Install a package to the working copy of the chroot

-i, --install-to-host MODE

Install the built packages to the host system. Useful when one wants to verify that the package works as intended.
•When MODE is all, this installs all built packages
•When MODE is auto, this installs all built packages which are currently installed


Set pkgver, reset pkgrel and update checksums


Set pkgrel to a given value


Increment the current pkgrel variable


Force computation and update of the checksums by disabling auto-detection.
Should only be used in special circumstances, like when adding new patch files to the source array. During regular packaging operations, checksums are either automatically updated when upgrading a package using --pkgver or should remain immutable during rebuilds.

-e, --edit

Edit the PKGBUILD before building

-r, --release

Automatically commit, tag and release after building
Specifying this option is required when using any of the following options in this section

-m, --message MSG

Use the given <msg> as the commit message

-u, --db-update

Automatically update the pacman database as last action

-h, --help

Show a help text

pkgctl-release(1) pkgctl-db-update(1)

Please report bugs and feature requests in the issue tracker. Please do your best to provide a reproducible test case for bugs.