pacrepairfile - reset properties on alpm-managed files

pacrepairfile [options] (--gid|--mode|--mtime|--uid)... <file>...
pacrepairfile (--help|--version)

Resets file properties for alpm-managed files based on MTREE data.

If stdin is not connected to a terminal, files will be read from stdin.

Set an alternate configuration file path.
Set an alternate database path.
Set an alternate installation root.
Set an alternate system root. See pacutils-sysroot(7).
Do not display progress information.
Search pkgname for file properties. May be specified multiple times. If --package is not specified, all installed packages will be searched.
Display usage information and exit.
Display version information and exit.

Reset file owner group id.
Reset file permissions.
Reset file modification time.
Reset file owner user id.

pacrepairfile determines whether or not to read files from stdin based on a naive check using isatty(3). If pacrepairfile is called in an environment, such as a shell function or script being used in a pipe, where stdin is not connected to a terminal but does not contain files to reset, pacrepairfile should be called with stdin closed. For POSIX-compatible shells, this can be done with "<&-".

In order for pacrepairfile to reset a file's properties, the package which owns the file must have MTREE data.

2021-08-14 pacutils