PACDIFF(8) Pacman-contrib Manual PACDIFF(8)

pacdiff - pacorig, pacnew and pacsave maintenance utility

pacdiff [options]

pacdiff is a script which looks for pacorig, pacnew and pacsave files from the backup entries found in the local Pacman db. For every found file the option is given to view, skip, diff, remove or overwrite the found pacorig, pacnew or pacsave file.

Override the default vim -d merge program.


Override the default search path /etc, only when using find.

-l, --locate
Scan using locate.

-f, --find

Scan using find.

-p, --pacmandb

Scan active config files from Pacman database. (default)

-o, --output

Print files instead of merging them.


Remove colors from output.

pacman(8), pacman.conf(5)

Bugs? You must be kidding; there are no bugs in this software. But if we happen to be wrong, send us an email with as much detail as possible to

Current maintainers:
•Johannes Löthberg <>
•Daniel M. Capella <>

For additional contributors, use git shortlog -s on the pacman-contrib.git repository.

2021-06-29 Pacman-contrib 1.4.0