PACCHECK(1) paccheck PACCHECK(1)

paccheck - check installed packages

paccheck [options] [<package>]...
paccheck (--help|--version)

Check installed packages. Additional packages may be specified on stdin. If no package are provided, all installed packages will be checked. By default only package dependencies and basic file information will checked.

Set an alternate configuration file path.
Set an alternate database path.
Set an alternate installation root.
Set an alternate system root. See pacutils-sysroot(7).
Set an alternate separator for values parsed from stdin. By default a newline "\n" is used as the separator. If --null is used without specifying sep "NUL" will be used.
Only print the names of packages that fail the selected checks.
Only display messages if a problem is found.
Recursively perform checks on packages' dependencies as well.
Check that all package dependencies are satisfied.
Check that all package optional dependencies are satisfied.
Check package files against the local database.
Check package files against MTREE data.
Check file md5sums against MTREE data.
Check file sha256sums against MTREE data.
Treat missing MTREE data as an error for --db-files and/or --file-properties.
Include database files in --files and --file-properties checks. --files will test for the existence of desc, files, and mtree (with --require-mtree) files in the package database entry. --file-properties will check install and changelog files in the package database where applicable.
Include backup files in file modification checks.
Include NoExtract files in file modification checks.
Include NoUpgrade files in file modification checks.
Display usage information and exit.
Display version information and exit.

paccheck determines whether or not to read packages from stdin based on a naive check using isatty(3). If paccheck is called in an environment, such as a shell function or script being used in a pipe, where stdin is not connected to a terminal but does not contain packages to check, paccheck should be called with stdin closed. For POSIX-compatible shells, this can be done with "<&-".
2021-08-14 pacutils