offload-build - Build a PKGBUILD on a remote server using makechrootpkg


Build a PKGBUILD on a remote server using makechrootpkg. Requires a remote user that can run archbuild in a non-interactive manner, e.g. must be able to elevate permissions using passwordless sudo.

-r, --repo <reponame>

Build against a specific repository. The default is extra, to build packages using the stable repositories via extra-x86_64-build.

-a, --arch <architecture>

Build against a specific architecture. The default is x86_64, the only architecture officially supported by Arch Linux.

-s, --server <hostname>

Offload to a specific build server. The default is which is used as part of the build toolchain for the official Arch Linux repos.

-h, --help

Show a help text.

Options after a delimiting — are passed on to archbuild on the remote. archbuild in turn supports passing arguments on to makechrootpkg, which in turn supports passing options to makepkg. Since each uses — to delimit options that are forwarded, make sure to escape them properly:

`offload-build offload-args -- archbuild-args -- makechrootpkg-args -- makepkg-args`

Example: To use a second testing-x86_64-build instance with another copydir:

`offload-build -r testing -- -- -l <chroot_copy>`

Bugs can be reported on the bug tracker in the Arch Linux category and title prefixed with [devtools] or via


•Aaron Griffin <>
•Allan McRae <>
•Bartłomiej Piotrowski <>
•Dan McGee <>
•Dave Reisner <>
•Evangelos Foutras <>
•Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) <>
•Jelle van der Waa <>
•Levente Polyak <>
•Pierre Schmitz <>
•Sébastien Luttringer <>
•Sven-Hendrik Haase <>
•Thomas Bächler <>

For additional contributors, use git shortlog -s on the devtools.git repository.