nvme-wdc-vs-fw-activate-history - Execute NVMe WDC vs-fw-activate-history Vendor Unique Command, return result

nvme wdc vs-fw-activate-history <device> [--output-format=<normal|json> -o <normal|json>]

For the NVMe device given, read a Vendor Unique WDC log page that returns the firmware activation history.

The <device> parameter is mandatory and must be the NVMe character device (ex: /dev/nvme0).

This will only work on WDC devices supporting this feature. Results for any other device are undefined.

On success it returns 0, error code otherwise.

-o <format>, --output-format=<format>

Set the reporting format to normal, or json. Only one output format can be used at a time. Default is normal.

Field Description
Entry Number The number of fw activate entry. The most recent 20 entries will be displayed.
Power on Hour The time since the power on in hours:minutes:seconds.
Power Cycle Count The power cycle count that the firmware activation occurred.
Current Firmware The firmware level currently running on the SSD before the activation took place.
New Firmware The new firmware level running on the SSD after the activation took place.
Slot Number The slot that the firmware is being activated from.
Commit Action Type The commit action type associated with the firmware activation event
Result The result of the firmware activation event. The output shall be in the format: Pass or Failed + error code

•Has the program issue WDC vs-fw-activate-history Vendor Unique Command :
# nvme wdc vs-fw-activate-history /dev/nvme0

Part of the nvme-user suite.

07/02/2023 NVMe