nvme-wdc-get-drive-status - Send the NVMe WDC get-drive-status command, return result

nvme wdc get-drive-status <device>

For the NVMe device given, send the unique WDC get-drive-status command and provide the additional drive status information.

The <device> parameter is mandatory and may be either the NVMe character device (ex: /dev/nvme0).

This will only work on WDC devices supporting this feature. Results for any other device are undefined.

On success it returns 0, error code otherwise.

Field Description
Percent Life Used. The percentage of drive function used.
EOL (End of Life) Status The 3 possible states are : Normal, Read Only, or End of Life.
Assert Dump Status The 2 possible states are : Present or Not Present.
Thermal Throttling Status The 3 possible states are : Off, On, or Unavailable.
Format Corrupt Reason The 3 possible states are : Not Corrupted, Corrupt due to FW Assert, or Corrupt for Unknown Reason.

•Has the program issue WDC get-drive-status command :
# nvme wdc get-drive-status /dev/nvme0

Part of the nvme-user suite.

08/23/2022 NVMe