nvme-create-ns - Send NVMe Namespace management command to create namespace, returns results.

nvme create-ns <device> [--nsze=<nsze> | -s <nsze>]

[--ncap=<ncap> | -c <ncap>]
[--flbas=<flbas> | -f <flbas>]
[--dps=<dps> | -d <dps>]
[--nmic=<nmic> | -m <nmic>]
[--anagrp-id=<anagrpid> | -a <anagrpid>]
[--nvmset-id=<nvmsetid> | -i <nvmsetid>]
[--csi=<command_set_identifier> | -y <command_set_identifier>]
[--lbstm=<lbstm> | -l <lbstm>]
[--block-size=<block-size> | -b <block-size>]
[--timeout=<timeout> | -t <timeout>] DESCRIPTION
For the NVMe device given, sends a namespace management command to create
the namespace with the requested settings. On success, the namespace
identifier assigned by the controller is returned.
The <device> parameter is mandatory and may be either the NVMe character
device (ex: /dev/nvme0), or a namespace block device (ex: /dev/nvme0n1).

-s, --nsze

The namespace size.

-c, --ncap

The namespace capacity.

-f, --flbas

The namespace formatted logical block size setting. Conflicts with --block-size argument.

-d, --dps

The data protection settings.

-m, --nmic

Namespace multipath and sharing capabilities.

-a, --anagrp-id

ANA Group Identifier. If this value is 0h specifies that the controller determines the value to use

-i <nvmsetid>, --nvmset-id=<nvmsetid>

This field specifies the identifier of the NVM Set.

-y <command_set_identifier>, --csi=<command_set_identifier>

This field specifies the identifier of command set. if not issued, NVM Command Set will be selected.

-l <lbstm>, --lbstm=<lbstm>

Logical Block Storage Tag Mask for end-to-end protection.

-b, --block-size

Target block size the new namespace should be formatted as. Potential FLBAS values will be values will be scanned and the lowest numbered will be selected for the create-ns operation. Conflicts with --flbas argument.

No examples provided yet.

Part of the nvme-user suite

08/23/2022 NVMe