NUSPELL(1) User Commands NUSPELL(1)

nuspell - Command-line tool for spellchecking.

nuspell [-s] [-d dict_NAME] [-i ENCODING] [FILE]...

nuspell -l|-G [-L] [-s] [-d dict_NAME] [-i ENCODING] [FILE]...

nuspell -D|-h|--help|-v|--version

Nuspell checks spelling of each FILE. Without FILE, checks standard input.

-d di_CT
use di_CT dictionary. Only one dictionary is currently supported.
print search paths and available dictionaries and exit
input/output encoding, default is active locale
print only misspelled words or lines
print only correct words or lines
lines mode
use simple white-space text segmentation to extract words instead of the default Unicode text segmentation. It is not recommended to use this.
-h, --help
display this help and exit
-v, --version
print version number and exit

Path to additional directory to search for dictionaries.

Returns error if the argument syntax is invalid or some file can not be opened. Otherwise, spell checking has occurred and returns success.

Bug reports:

nuspell -d en_US file.txt

Copyright 2016-2021 Dimitrij Mijoski, Sander van Geloven

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Dimitrij Mijoski; Sander van Geloven.
2020-10-28 Nuspell 5.0.0