nlist(3bsd) 3bsd nlist(3bsd)

nlistretrieve symbol table name list from an executable file

library “libbsd”

#include <nlist.h> (See libbsd(7) for include usage.)
nlist(const char *filename, struct nlist *nl);

The () function retrieves name list entries from the symbol table of an executable file (see elf(5)). The argument nl is set to reference the beginning of the list. The list is preened of binary and invalid data; if an entry in the name list is valid, the n_type and n_value for the entry are copied into the list referenced by nl. No other data is copied. The last entry in the list is always NULL.

The number of invalid entries is returned if successful; otherwise, if the file filename does not exist or is not executable, or the nl pointer is NULL, the returned value is -1.


A nlist() function appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX.

April 19, 1994 Linux 6.7.0-arch3-1