mutt_pgpring(1) User Manuals mutt_pgpring(1)

mutt_pgpring - Mutt key ring dumper

mutt_pgpring [ -k keyring ] [ -2 | -5 ] [ -s ] [ -S ] [ -f ]

mutt_pgpring is a key ring dumper. It extracts information from PGP's binary key ring and emits it in an (almost) readable output format understood by mutt's key selection routines. This output format mimics the one used by the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG).

Dump the contents of the specified keyring.
Use the default keyring for PGP 2.x.
Use the default keyring for PGP 5.
Dump the secret keyring.
Dump signatures.
Dump fingerprints.

Full path of the user's home directory.
Directory in which the user's PGP public keyring can be found.

Thomas Roessler <>

May 2013 Unix