WINEBOOT(1) Wine Programs WINEBOOT(1)

wineboot - perform Wine initialization, startup, and shutdown tasks

wineboot [options]

wineboot performs the initial creation and setup of a WINEPREFIX for wine(1). It can also perform a simulated reboot or shutdown to any applications running within the WINEPREFIX.

-h, --help
Display help message.
-e, --end-session
End the current session cleanly.
-f, --force
Force exit for processes that don't exit cleanly
-i, --init
Initialize the WINEPREFIX.
-k, --kill
Kill running processes without any cleanup.
-r, --restart
Restart only, don't do normal startup operations.
-s, --shutdown
Shutdown only, don't reboot.
-u, --update
Update the WINEPREFIX.

Bugs can be reported on the Wine bug tracker.

wineboot is part of the Wine distribution, which is available through WineHQ, the Wine development headquarters.

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