makechrootpkg - Build a PKGBUILD in a given chroot environment

makechrootpkg [OPTIONS] -r <chrootdir> [--] [makepkg args]

Run this script in a directory containing a PKGBUILD to build a package inside a clean chroot. Arguments passed to this script after the end-of-options marker (--) will be passed to makepkg.

The chroot dir consists of the following directories: <chrootdir>/{root, copy} but only "root" is required by default. The working copy will be created as needed

The chroot "root" directory must be created via the following command: mkarchroot <chrootdir>/root base-devel

This script reads {SRC,SRCPKG,PKG,LOG}DEST, MAKEFLAGS and PACKAGER from makepkg.conf(5), if those variables are not part of the environment.

Default makepkg args: --syncdeps --noconfirm --log --holdver --skipinteg


Show this usage message


Clean the chroot before building

-d <dir>

Bind directory into build chroot as read-write

-D <dir>

Bind directory into build chroot as read-only


Update the working copy of the chroot before building This is useful for rebuilds without dirtying the pristine chroot

-r <dir>

The chroot dir to use

-I <pkg>

Install a package into the working copy of the chroot

-l <copy>

The directory to use as the working copy of the chroot Useful for maintaining multiple copies Default: $USER


Run namcap on the build package


Run checkpkg on the build package


Build in a temporary directory


Run makepkg as a specified user

-x <when>

Inspect chroot after build, possible modes are never (default), always or failure

Please report bugs and feature requests in the issue tracker. Please do your best to provide a reproducible test case for bugs.