LSINITCPIO(1) mkinitcpio manual LSINITCPIO(1)

lsinitcpio - Examine an initramfs

lsinitcpio [action] [options] image

Examines the contents of an initcpio image. Without any options, lsinitcpio simply lists the contents of an image.

-a, --analyze

Analyze the contents of the specified image and print output in human readable form.

-c, --config

Show the configuration file the given image was built with.

-l, --list

List the contents of the archive. This is the default action. Pass the -v flag for more detailed results.

-x, --extract

Extract the given image to the current working directory.

-h, --help

Output a short overview of available command-line switches.

-n, --nocolor

Disable color output.

-V, --version

Display version information.

-v, --verbose

Be more verbose. In particular, show long style output when listing the contents of an image, and show files as they are extracted when the -x option is given.

Upon writing this man page, there were no noticeable bugs present. Please visit for an up to date list.


mkinitcpio is maintained by the Arch Linux community. Refer to the AUTHORS file for a full list of contributors.

Copyright 🄯 mkinitcpio contributors. GPL-2.0-only.

12/03/2023   mkinitcpio 37.1