libalpm(3) Library Functions Manual libalpm(3)

libalpm - The libalpm Public API

- libalpm is a package management library, primarily used by pacman.

Functions for package files. Groups
Functions for package groups. Error Codes
Error codes returned by libalpm. Handle
Functions to initialize and release libalpm. Signature checking
Functions to check signatures. Dependency
Functions dealing with libalpm's dependency and conflict information. Callbacks
Functions and structures for libalpm's callbacks. Database
Functions to query and manipulate the database of libalpm. Logging Functions
Functions to log using libalpm. Options
Libalpm option getters and setters. Package Functions
Functions to manipulate libalpm packages. Transaction
Functions to manipulate libalpm transactions. Miscellaneous Functions
Various libalpm functions. libalpm_list(3)
Functions to manipulate alpm_list_t lists.

libalpm is a package management library, primarily used by pacman.

For ease of access, the libalpm manual has been split up into several sections.

libalpm_list(3), libalpm_cb(3), libalpm_databases(3), libalpm_depends(3), libalpm_errors(3), libalpm_files(3), libalpm_groups(3), libalpm_handle(3), libalpm_log(3), libalpm_misc(3), libalpm_options(3), libalpm_packages(3), libalpm_sig(3), libalpm_trans(3)

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