KPARTX(8) System Manager's Manual KPARTX(8)

kpartx - Create device maps from partition tables.

kpartx [-a|-d|-u|-l] [-r] [-p] [-f] [-g] [-s|-n] [-v] wholedisk

This tool, derived from util-linux' partx, reads partition tables on specified device and create device maps over partitions segments detected. It is called from hotplug upon device maps creation and deletion.

Add partition mappings.
Delete partition mappings.
Update partition mappings.
List partition mappings that would be added -a.
Read-only partition mappings.
Set device name-partition number delimiter.
Force creation of mappings; overrides 'no_partitions' feature.
Force GUID partition table (GPT).
Sync mode (Default). Don't return until the partitions are created.
Nosync mode. Return before the partitions are created.
Operate verbosely.

To mount all the partitions in a raw disk image:

kpartx -av disk.img

This will output lines such as:

add map loop1p1 (254:4): 0 409597 linear 7:1 3

The loop1p1 is the name of a device file under /dev/mapper which you can use to access the partition, for example to fsck it:

fsck /dev/mapper/loop1p1

When you're done, you need to remove the devices:

kpartx -d disk.img

multipath(8) multipathd(8) hotplug(8)

This man page was assembled By Patrick Caulfield for the Debian project.

multipath-tools was developed by Christophe Varoqui <> and others.

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