KBDINFO(1) General Commands Manual KBDINFO(1)

kbdinfo - read information about keyboard state

kbdinfo [options] getmode [text|graphics]
kbdinfo [options] gkbmode [raw|xlate|mediumraw|unicode]
kbdinfo [options] gkbmeta [metabit|escprefix]
kbdinfo [options] gkbled [scrolllock|numlock|capslock]

The utility allows you to read and check various parameters of the keyboard and virtual console.

Get or check virtual console mode.
Gets current keyboard mode.
Raw (scancode) mode. These are the raw codes generated by the keyboard.
Medium raw (scancode) mode. This is extended medium raw mode, with keys above 127 encoded as 0, high 7 bits, low 7 bits, with the 0 bearing the 'up' flag if needed. 0 is reserved, so this shouldn't interfere with anything else. The two bytes after 0 will always have the up flag set not to interfere with older applications. This allows for 16384 different keycodes, which should be enough.
Translate keycodes using keymap. These are the codes generated via the current keysym mapping.
Unicode mode.
Gets meta key handling mode.
Specifies if pressing the meta (alt) key generates an ESC (\033) prefix followed by the keysym.
The keysym marked with the high bit set.
Get keyboard flags CapsLock, NumLock, ScrollLock (not lights).
The scroll lock is down.
The num lock is down.
The caps lock is down.

the console device to be used;
print version number;
print this usage message.

Written by Alexey Gladkov.

kbdrate(1), setleds(1), kbd_mode(1)

June 2019 kbd