jose-jwk-use - Validates a key for the specified use(s)

jose jwk use -i JWK [-a] [-r] -u OP

The jose jwk use command validates one or more JWK(Set) inputs for a given set of usages. This will be validated against the "use" and "key_ops" properties of each JWK.

By default, if a JWK has no restrictions an operation will be allowed. However, by specifying the -r option you can ensure that a JWK will not be allowed unless it explicitly permits the option.

In normal operation, jose jwk use will fail if any of the JWKs do not validate. However, if the -o option is used jose jwk use will instead write a JWK(Set) containing all of the input keys that validate. If no JWKs validate, the command will fail.

-i JSON, --input=JSON : Parse JWK(Set) from JSON
-i FILE, --input=FILE : Read JWK(Set) from FILE
-i -, --input=- : Read JWK(Set) standard input
-u sign, --use=sign : Validate the key for signing
-u verify, --use=verify : Validate the key for verifying
-u encrypt, --use=encrypt : Validate the key for encrypting
-u decrypt, --use=decrypt : Validate the key for decrypting
-u wrapKey, --use=wrapKey : Validate the key for wrapping
-u unwrapKey, --use=unwrapKey : Validate the key for unwrapping
-u deriveKey, --use=deriveKey : Validate the key for deriving keys
-u deriveBits, --use=deriveBits : Validate the key for deriving bits
-a, --all : Succeeds only if all operations are allowed
-r, --required : Operations must be explicitly allowed
-o FILE, --output=FILE : Filter keys to FILE as JWK(Set)
-o -, --output=- : Filter keys to standard output as JWK(Set)
-s, --set : Always output a JWKSet

Examples of both success and failure from a private and public key:

$ jose jwk gen -i '{"alg":"ES256"}' -o prv.jwk
$ jose jwk pub -i prv.jwk -o pub.jwk
$ jose jwk use -i prv.jwk -u sign
$ echo $?
$ jose jwk use -i pub.jwk -u sign
$ echo $?

Nathaniel McCallum <>