pspdfutils [OPTION...] [INFILE [OUTFILE]]

includeres includes resources (fonts, procsets, patterns, files, etc.) in place of %%IncludeResource comments in a PostScript document. The resources are searched for under the resource name, and with an appropriate extension. The pipeline

extractres | includeres >

will move all resources appearing in a document to the document prologue, removing redundant copies. The output file can then be put through page re-arrangement filters such as psnup or pstops safely. Include resources in a PostScript document.

`-' or no INFILE argument means standard input
`-' or no OUTFILE argument means standard output

show program's version number and exit
don't show progress

includeres does not alter the %%DocumentNeededResources comments.

2024-04-08 pspdfutils 3.3.2