icegridadmin(1) General Commands Manual icegridadmin(1)

icegridadmin - The IceGrid command-line administrative utility.

icegridadmin [options]

The icegridadmin utility is a command-line tool for administering an IceGrid domain. Deploying an application with this utility requires an XML file that defines the descriptors. Full documentation for icegridadmin is available online at:

Show program help.

Display the Ice version.


Print debug messages.

Start icegridadmin as a server (to parse XML files).

Connect to the registry with the given instance name.

Connect to the registry at the given host.

Connect to the registry running on the given port.

Login with the given username.

Login with the given password.

Authenticate through SSL.

Connect to the replica NAME.

icegriddb(1), icegridnode(1), icegridregistry(1)