GIT-HOOK(1) Git Manual GIT-HOOK(1)

git-hook - Run git hooks

git hook run [--ignore-missing] <hook-name> [-- <hook-args>]

A command interface to running git hooks (see githooks(5)), for use by other scripted git commands.


Run the <hook-name> hook. See githooks(5) for supported hook names.

Any positional arguments to the hook should be passed after a mandatory -- (or --end-of-options, see gitcli(7)). See githooks(5) for arguments hooks might expect (if any).


Ignore any missing hook by quietly returning zero. Used for tools that want to do a blind one-shot run of a hook that may or may not be present.


Part of the git(1) suite

11/01/2022 Git 2.38.1