GIT-HOOK(1) Git Manual GIT-HOOK(1)

git-hook - Run git hooks

git hook run [--ignore-missing] [--to-stdin=<path>] <hook-name> [-- <hook-args>]

A command interface to running git hooks (see githooks(5)), for use by other scripted git commands.


Run the <hook-name> hook. See githooks(5) for supported hook names.

Any positional arguments to the hook should be passed after a mandatory -- (or --end-of-options, see gitcli(7)). See githooks(5) for arguments hooks might expect (if any).


For "run"; Specify a file which will be streamed into the hook’s stdin. The hook will receive the entire file from beginning to EOF.


Ignore any missing hook by quietly returning zero. Used for tools that want to do a blind one-shot run of a hook that may or may not be present.


Part of the git(1) suite

08/21/2023 Git 2.42.0