gensio_err(3) Library Functions Manual gensio_err(3)

gensio_err - Error reporting values for gensio functions

#include <gensio/gensio_err.h>
const char *gensio_err_to_str(int err)

The return values for gensio functions that return errors and the reported values in callbacks from the gensio library are all gensio errors. Possible values are:

GE_NOERR No error
GE_NOMEM Out of memory
GE_NOTSUP Operation not supported
GE_INVAL Invalid data to parameter
GE_NOTFOUND Value or file not found
GE_EXISTS Value already exists
GE_OUTOFRANGE Value out of range
GE_INCONSISTENT Parameters inconsistent in call
GE_NODATA No data was available for the function
GE_OSERR OS error, see logs
GE_INUSE Object was already in use
GE_INPROGRESS Operation is in progress
GE_NOTREADY Object was not ready for operation
GE_TOOBIG Value was too large for data
GE_TIMEDOUT Operation timed out
GE_RETRY Retry operation later
GE_KEYNOTFOUND Unable to find the given key
GE_CERTREVOKED Key was revoked
GE_CERTEXPIRED Key was expired
GE_KEYINVALID Key is not valid
GE_NOCERT Certificate not provided
GE_CERTINVALID Certificate is not valid
GE_PROTOERR Protocol error
GE_COMMERR Communication error
GE_IOERR Internal I/O error
GE_REMCLOSE Remote end closed connection
GE_HOSTDOWN Host could not be reached
GE_CONNREFUSE Connection refused
GE_DATAMISSING Data was missing
GE_CERTNOTFOUND Unable to find given certificate
GE_AUTHREJECT Authentication tokens rejected
GE_ADDRINUSE Address already in use
GE_INTERRUPTED Operation was interrupted by a signal

GE_SHUTDOWN Operation on shutdown file descriptor

GE_LOCALCLOSED Local side closed connection

gensio_err_to_str converts an integer error value to the given string.

gensio(5), gensio_err(3), gensio_log(3)

24 Feb 2019