gensio_accepter_set_callback(3) Library Functions Manual gensio_accepter_set_callback(3)

gensio_accepter_set_callback, gensio_accepter_get_user_data, gensio_accepter_set_user_data - Set the event callback and user data for a gensio accepter

#include <gensio/gensio.h>

gensio_accepter_event cb, void *user_data)

gensio_accepter_set_callback sets the event handler and data for the gensio accepter. This function may be called again if the gensio accepter cannot generate any callbacks, generally after it has been shutdown. Otherwise race conditions may occur.

gensio_accepter_set_user_data Just sets the user_data field in the gensio accepter. If this is called when the gensio is running, race conditions may occur.

gensio_accepter_get_user_data Return the user data passed in with the gensio accepter was created or set by one of the above two functions.

gensio(5), gensio_accepter_event(3)

27 Feb 2019