genfstab - generate output suitable for addition to an fstab file

genfstab [options] root

genfstab helps fill in an fstab file by autodetecting all the current mounts below a given mountpoint and printing them in fstab-compatible format to standard output. It can be used to persist a manually mounted filesystem hierarchy and is often used during the initial install and configuration of an OS.

-f <filter>

Restrict output to mountpoints matching the prefix filter.


Use labels for source identifiers (shortcut for -t LABEL).


Exclude pseudofs mounts (default behavior).


Include pseudofs mounts.

-t <tag>

Use tag for source identifiers (should be one of: LABEL, UUID, PARTLABEL, PARTUUID).


Use UUIDs for source identifiers (shortcut for -t UUID).


Output syntax and command line options.


Bugs can be reported on the bug tracker in the Arch Linux category and title prefixed with [arch-install-scripts] or via


•Dave Reisner <>
•Eli Schwartz <>

For additional contributors, use git shortlog -s on the arch-install-scripts.git repository.