FSCK.EROFS(1) General Commands Manual FSCK.EROFS(1)

fsck.erofs - tool to check an EROFS filesystem's integrity

fsck.erofs [OPTIONS] IMAGE

fsck.erofs is used to scan an EROFS filesystem IMAGE and check the integrity of it.

Print the version number of fsck.erofs and exit.
Specify the level of debugging messages. The default is 2, which shows basic warning messages.
Print total compression ratio of all files including compressed and non-compressed files.
Specify an extra blob device to be used together. You may give multiple --device options in the correct order.
Check if all files are well encoded. This read all compressed files, and hence create more I/O load, so it might take too much time depending on the image.
Display help string and exit.

This version of fsck.erofs is written by Daeho Jeong <daehojeong@google.com>.

fsck.erofs is part of erofs-utils package and is available from git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/xiang/erofs-utils.git.