XDT-CSOURCE(1) Xfce Users Manual XDT-CSOURCE(1)

xdt-csource - C code generation utility for arbitrary data

xdt-csource [options] [file]

xdt-csource [options] --build-list [[name] [file]...]

xdt-csource is a small utility that generates C code containing arbitrary data, useful for compiling texts or other data directly into programs. It supersedes exo-csource.

xdt-csource either takes as input one file name to generate code for, or, using the --build-list option, a list of (name, file) pairs to generate code for a list of images into named variables.

-h, --help

Print brief help and exit.

-V, --version

Print version information and exit.


Generate extern symbols.


Generate static symbols (default).


Specifies the identifier name (prefix) for the generated variables (only used if --build-list was not specified as well).


Enables (name, file) pair parsing mode.


Remove comments from XML files


Remove node contents from XML files


Prints the output to identifier instead of stdout (only used if --build-list was not specified as well).

The gdk-pixbuf-csource utility which ships with the Gtk+ distribution, available from www.gtk.org[1].

Original program exo-csource was written by Benedikt Meurer <benny@xfce.org>. xdt-csource supersedes it.

This manual page was provided by the Xfce Development Team <xfce4-dev@xfce.org>.

10/18/2023 Xfce