XCLIP-COPYFILE(1) General Commands Manual XCLIP-COPYFILE(1)

xclip-copyfile, xclip-cutfile, xclip-pastefile - copy and move files via the X clipboard

xclip-copyfile [-p] FILES...

xclip-cutfile [-p] FILES...


xclip-copyfile copies files into the X clipboard, recursing into directories.

xclip-cutfile copies the files, but also deletes them afterwards.

preserve path formation

xclip-pastefile pastes the files out of the clipboard

Copying a file to a remote host

[maggie.lkpg.cendio.se ~]$ echo "A file created on ${HOSTNAME}" > file1
[maggie.lkpg.cendio.se ~]$ xclip-copyfile file1
[sofie.homeip.net ~/doc]$ xclip-pastefile
[sofie.homeip.net ~/doc]$ cat file1
A file created on maggie.lkpg.cendio.se
Copying an entire tree structure

[sofie.homeip.net ~]$ xclip-copyfile doc [maggie.lkpg.cendio.se ~/tmp]$ xclip-pastefile doc/ doc/letter-mom-april.txt doc/file1 doc/letter-dad-march.txt Copying files with preserved path information
[maggie.lkpg.cendio.se ~]$ xclip-copyfile -p /etc/sysconfig/grub tar: Removing leading `/' from member names [sofie.homeip.net ~/tmp]$ xclip-pastefile etc/sysconfig/grub [sofie.homeip.net ~/tmp]$ ls etc/sysconfig/grub etc/sysconfig/grub Moving files
[sofie.homeip.net ~]$ ls letter-brother-may.txt letter-brother-may.txt [sofie.homeip.net ~]$ xclip-cutfile letter-brother-may.txt [sofie.homeip.net ~]$ ls letter-brother-may.txt ls: cannot access letter-brother-may.txt: No such file or directory [sofie.homeip.net ~]$ cd doc [sofie.homeip.net ~/doc]$ xclip-pastefile letter-brother-may.txt

This manual page was written by Maximilian Gass <mxey@cloudconnected.org> for the Debian project. It may be used for everything else, of course.