WESTON-DEBUG(1) General Commands Manual WESTON-DEBUG(1)

weston-debug - a tool for getting debug messages from compositor.

weston-debug [options] [names]

weston-debug is a debugging tool which uses weston_debug_v1 interface to get the debug messages from the compositor. The debug messages are categorized into different debug streams by the compositor (example: logs, proto, list, etc.,) and the compositor requires a file descriptor to stream the messages.

This tool accepts a file name or a file descriptor (not both) and any desired debug stream names from the user as command line arguments and subscribes the desired streams from the compositor by using the weston_debug_v1 interface. After the subscription, the compositor will start to write the debug messages to the shared file descriptor.

If no file name or file descriptor argument is given, the tool will use the stdout file descriptor.

weston-debug accepts the following command line options.

Print the help text and exit with success.
List the available debug streams supported by the compositor. May be used together with --all or a list of debug stream names.
Bind all debug streams offered by the compositor. Mututally exclusive with explicitly specifying stream names.
Direct output to file named FILE. Use - for stdout. Stdout is the default. Mutually exclusive with -f.
Direct output to the file descriptor FD. Stdout (1) is the default. Mutually exclusive with -o.
A list of debug streams to bind to. Mutually exclusive with --all.
2018-09-11 Weston 13.0.1