vifm-convert-dircolors - converts ls colorscheme to vifm colorscheme

vifm-convert-dircolors [-h|--help] [-e|--environment] [-r|--human-readable] [dircolors_file]

Converts ls file highlighting configuration (dircolors) into set of vifm highlight commands. Outputs results to standard output.

Displays brief help message.
Instructs the script to use $LS_COLORS environment variable instead of data from file or standard input stream.
Output patterns on separate lines.
Converting of colorscheme file only.

When both --environment option and dircolors_file are absent, standard input stream is read.

Parse $LS_COLORS and append results of conversion to ~/.config/vifm/colors/Default.vifm:

    vifm-convert-dircolors -e >> ~/.config/vifm/colors/Default.vifm

Parse /etc/DIR_COLORS and store results of conversion to ~/.config/vifm/colors/ls-based.vifm:

    vifm-convert-dircolors /etc/DIR_COLORS > ~/.config/vifm/colors/ls-based.vifm

dircolors(1), ls(1), vifm(1)

This manual page was written by xaizek <>.

04 April 2023 vifm 0.13