MS_PRINT(1) ms_print MS_PRINT(1)

ms_print - post-processing tool for Massif

ms_print [options] massif-out-file

ms_print takes an output file produced by the Valgrind tool Massif and prints the information in an easy-to-read form.

-h --help

Show the help message.


Show the version number.

--threshold=<m.n> [default: 1.0]

Same as Massif's --threshold option, but applied after profiling rather than during.

--x=<4..1000> [default: 72]

Width of the graph, in columns.

--y=<4..1000> [default: 20]

Height of the graph, in rows.

valgrind(1), $INSTALL/share/doc/valgrind/html/index.html or

Nicholas Nethercote.

08/01/2022 Release 3.19.0